Scandinavian Embassy | de Pijp area

Scandinavian Embassy is the perfect spot to have a coffee break when shopping on Albert Cuyp market or exploring de Pijp area. This coffee bar has a real Scandinavian feeling by the use of wood and white painted walls.

They offer a range coffee from small Scandinavian coffee roasters, Drop coffee, being one of my favourites I learned to drink in Stockholm. Expect healthy lunches with Scandinavian flavours and other Nordic specialities.

During the Hospitality & Style awards last month (December 2014) Scandinavian Embassy was awarded in the category Best Coffee Concept, offering everything we can expect from a, so called
‘third wave’-coffeebar, perfect made coffee and different choices |Nicolas Castagno, is an awarded Swedish barista| What the jury thought was really outstanding, and not yet seen that much in Europe are the culinary dishes perfectly matching the coffee.

Scandinavian Embassy
Sarphatipark 34
1072 MB Amsterdam
+31 619518199

Opening hours
Tuesday to Friday 8AM - 6PM
Saturday - Sunday 10AM - 5PM
Website: Scandinavian Embassy
Area: De Pijp

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