Elle La interiors | Old West area - De Hallen (CLOSED)


Inspired by age-old textile traditions from the Dogon region near Burkina Faso, where the Dogon people live and wanting to support the artisans who uphold these traditions Amsterdam based Ella Hustinx founded Elle La in the Summer of 2020 and recently opened their showroom at de Hallen.

Surprisingly Ella happened to live in the same area as me and was so kind to drop by my home to show me her work personally and tell me more about the artisans and the natural ingredients used for the cotton she now creates cushions and wall hangings from. For the production she teamed up with local Atelier Made Here and thrift store De Lokatie   

The showroom at De hallen is closed, items are available at the Ella La Webshop 

Open for appointment every Monday and Wednesday from 09:00 - 19:00.

Elle La Showroom
Hannie Dankbaarpassage 5
1053 RT Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 55 11 70 42

website: Elle La
area: West | Old West | De Hallen

Made locally with recycled filling

The cotton is hand - picked, spun and woven with local looms in strips about 15 centimeters wide and then coloured using the Bogolan technique where mud is mixed with natural dyes from tree bark, indigo leaves and plants. What I saw were the most beautiful pure colours: terra, indigo, cream and pale black and rolls with that little touch of 'irregularity' you only see when something is handmade.  

Ella designs all products herself and they are made in collaboration with Atelier Made Here, a studio based in Amsterdam East, where refugee tailors from mainly Syria stitch the pillows together. Ella: "Supporting the local economy by working with a local manufacturer enables us to reduce emissions, and produce on a smaller scale, based on real demand.

Elle carefully chooses her materials, aiming for naturalness, longevity and durability. The filling is recycled down feathers. In collaboration with the Amsterdam based thrift-shop De Lokatie we collect second- hand feather bedding which is cleaned and purified by bedding company Ducky dons in accordance with the ‘Responsible Down Standard’ (RDS).  

All images ©vosgesparis / portret picture via Ella La 

Piet Boon bathroom Showroom | Amsterdam area

I previously posted these images of the Piet Boon Bathroom Showroom on my personal website vosgesparis.com In addition to their kitchen, living and outdoor showrooms, the new 500 square meters Piet Boon Bathroom showroom is an important addition to the Studio Piet Boon portfolio. 

Italian design brand Salvatori is one of the leading design companies specialized in natural stone and is always on my must visited list during Milan Design week and I was happy to see them been invited by Piet Boon to open its first flagship store in The Netherlands. Salvatori and Piet Boon share a very similar taste for beauty and passion for timeless and quality design which have led to this venture.

Studio Piet Boon 
Skoon 80
1511 HV Oostzaan 
1017 EB Amsterdam
+31 20 722 0045 (kitchen & dining) 
Opening hours: Please note during the pandemic Piet boon is open on appointment only 
Instagram: @studiopietboon
area: Amsterdam area

For over thirty years, the bathroom has been an important part of the interiors designed by Studio Piet Boon. In line with the studio's design philosophy and passion for rich natural materials, craftsmanship, innovative textures and color combinations, this vision comes to life in the new Piet Boon Bathroom showroom. Here, soothing tone-on-tone colours obtained with luxurious materials match the contemporary design of the space where , layered combinations of textures and accessories take center stage.

The showroom displays the complete Piet Boon concept, in which various products, such as taps and bathroom mirrors complement indispensable and functional components including tiles, washbasins and bathtubs, collaborations with the brand's long time partners such as Cocoon, Douglas & Jones, Formani and Senso. Different compositions and very unique products, such as the marble bathtub carved out of a single piece of natural stone, and the clear coordination of the color palette, are a testament to the passion for comfort and timeless design.

Piet Boon: "The desire to be able to show a comprehensive Piet Boon concept under one roof has been at the top of my wish list. About a year ago, we started working on the first ideas to develop and design a total concept for our bathroom showroom. It is an honour to be able to work with such beautiful and skilled partners and to be able to present a complete Piet Boon world"

Photography by Thomas de Bruyne with thanks

Utrechtsestraat | Aesop Skincare

I couldn't more happier when Aesop Skincare store in Amsterdam openend its doors! It is actually the first Aesop store in the Netherlands and I am so happy Aesop choose the historical former Jamin candy store at Utrechtsestraat to be their location. Jamin used to be a really wel know candy store with different locations and the in 1911 renovated location at Utrechtsestraat is known as the best preserved Jamin store. Both the exterior and interior in neo Lodewijk XVI style are original including the mosaic floor. 

Aesop is an Australian company known for its high-end plant-based products for body & hair I discovered some years ago and have been a fervent user ever since. No need to tell you I am really happy we finally have our very own Amsterdam store! 

Utrechtsestraat 93 
Phone: +31 20 790 0570
1017 EB Amsterdam
+31 20 790 0570 
Opening hours: Please note during the pandemic Aesop Utrechtsestraat is open on appointment only Website: Aesop Skincare 
Instagram: @aesopskincare 
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Utrechtsestraat  Aesop Skincare

Utrechtsestraat  Aesop Skincare

Utrechtsestraat  Aesop Skincare

Utrechtsestraat  Aesop Skincare

Utrechtsestraat  Aesop Skincare

Utrechtsestraat  Aesop Skincare

Utrechtsestraat  Aesop Skincare

Utrechtsestraat  Aesop Skincare

Images ©Amsterdam Next // vosgesparis

Utrechtsestraat | Mobilia interior

Utrechtse straat  Mobilia interior

During the pandemic, we mostly stay, on walking distance from our home in the eastern part of town and the city centre. Utrechtse straat has always been a favourite If you love great brands and interior design Mobilia at Utrechtse straat is a must see in general especially after the renovation of their three-storey building. I simply love the new and fresh look. White painted floors are styled with affordable design and beautiful classics, from furniture and lighting to accessories by famous designers to emerging talent.

A few months ago I had an appointment to check out some samples of the Anour lamp I placed in my kitchen, did a little shopping and snapped some new images. 

Mobilia Living
Utrechtsestraat 62-64
1017 VR Amstrdam
+31 20 622 9075 

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 09:30-18:00
Website: Mobilia Woonstudio
Instagram: @Mobilia_interior
area: Utrechtsestraat - City centre

Please note during the pandemic Mobilia is open on appointment only

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Utrechtse straat  Mobilia interior

Utrechtse straat  Mobilia interior

Utrechtse straat  Mobilia interior

Images  Amsterdam Next