AMS INSPRD showcases a carefully selected collection of souvenirs 'Inspired by Amsterdam' curated by Amsterdam Next. With this collection we love to show you different and unexpected ways to take a piece of Amsterdam with you when travelling home. 

Eau d'Amsterdam
The unique scent of Amsterdam 
is captured in a perfume!

With 75.000 elm trees in the city 
this is the natural scent 
of Amsterdam

The first ever green perfume
from the historical centre of
Amsterdam World Heritage in a bottle! 
Eau d'Amsterdam € 58,00 - 50 ml.


A good perfume takes you to another time and place. Eau d’Amsterdam will bring you to the canals of Amsterdam, where the elm trees blossom in springtime, spreading their seeds as natural confetti. 
Eau d'Amsterdam is an initiative from Lieuwe Martijn Wijnands & Saskia Hoogendoorn, of creative agency Tijdmakers, who created the perfume to support the art & pop-up events of the annual Amsterdam Springsnow Festival.

Try and buy the first limited edition downtown at Matter of Material including two other versions, and my personal favourite Wood, made out of the wood of the Elm tree! More information and online orders at Eau d'Amsterdam


Stadsplank is a cutting board made from a fallen tree from a street, park or square in Amsterdam. In each Cutting board the exact origin and species is engraved in memory of the tree. Via a QR code on the label you can find more info and track the exact location of the tree.

The Rijks®, the restaurant of the Rijksmuseum is serving some of their originally Dutch dishes on boards from a 1964 Elm tree just behind the museum.

Available at Nukuhiva on de Haarlemmerdijk and online at Hout van je stad

Unique handmade ceramic pieces
made out of 100% Amsterdam clay!

With the build of the North-South
subway clay was released

- stories and secrets -
our clay is temperamental stubborn
  like the inhabitants who have lived
for centuries on top of it!

These NZL cups are made from 100% Amsterdam clay, released by drilling the Noord-Zuid line. Studio Mauk experimented with clay found on different locations like on Ceintuurbaan, Nassaukade, Scheldeplein en Muntplein.
4 locations, each with it's own coordinates.

To purchase these unique cups... email

In the Netherlands over one million bikes are sold each year. And as many bikes are thrown away or left behind! Amsterdam has lots of abandoned bikes and end up in the Amsterdam canals!

This is where
 Roetz comes in, a young bicycle brand with a mission! By recycling as many components as possible, they want to reduce this mountain of waste and make beautiful sustainable and robust bikes in an environmental friendly way. Read more about the brand in this blogpost and get yourself a bike shipped home, rebuild from a recovered frame of one of the many bikes you see in Amsterdam through the website: Roetz bikes

When visiting a town for a short, or if you are lucky longer, city break, we all have our favourite stores where we just 'need' to shop before heading home. Whenever I am in Paris myself I never leave the city without visiting my Parisian favourite 'Merci'. 

You and Amsterdam!
Leaving a city after a nice holiday, kinda feel nostalgic every time and sometimes I wish I could bring a bit of the town with me. Which made me think of you and Amsterdam and about bringing a real piece of Amsterdam with you!

This made me decide to 
select some really great souvenirs made by inhabitants of Amsterdam and inspired by the town we love. With AMS INSPRD I love to show you different and unexpected ways to take a piece of Amsterdam with you when travelling home.