Oostelijke Eilanden

The Eastern Islands are situated on the east side of town, between the Eastern Dockland and the Plantage. Highlights include the beer brewery windmill, Czaar Peterstraat for shopping, wharf side restaurants, and creative hangout Roest.
Coming from the Eastern Docklands, Czaar Peter straat start right on the other side of the rail track or near the windmill coming from the Scheepvaartmuseum where you can take the opportunity to get yourself in the picture with a windmill without leaving town.

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A complete list with my favourite locations in this area, more info and opening hours of the specific locations can be found in our Amsterdam city guide APP AMS NXT  

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CP113 Czaar Peterstraat 113 | Fashion, interior and coffee
Vintage of the future Czaar Peterstraat 91 | Eclectic interiors
Dreamboat | Czaar Peterstraat 145 | design studio and store
Eat & drink
Helena Primakoff  Czaar peterstraat 118 | Small coffee corner, breakfast and brunch Roest Czaar Peterstraat 213 | City beach and creative hangout

Rosa en Rita Conradstraat 471 | Restaurant & Pizzeria

De Branderij Zeeburgerpad 1 | Coffee roasters and cafe
Brouwerij ‘t IJ Funenkade 7 | Beer brewery and cafe