Brainy days | Negen straatjes area | Nine Streets

Brainy days is a small Theme store one step away from the nine streets area. Young and upcoming brands are brought together within a theme that changes every three months. More in this area: Negen straatjes | Nine streets

Brainy daysHazenstraat 53 (One step away from The 9 streets)
1016 SN Amsterdam
+31 622714718

Opening hours
Wednesday 11:00 - 18:00
Thursday 11:00 - 19:00
Friday 11:00 - 18:00
Saturday 12:00 - 18:00  
Website: Brainy days

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Bilder and the Clercq | Recipes & ingredients for great diner inspirations

I love good food and the new food chains popping up around town. Especially if they have their own concept! Bilder & De Clercq was invented by Leopold and Rogier Diederik van Gelder. Every day they asked themselves the question, "What shall we eat tonight?" Finding the right ingredients around town was a struggle sometimes and they thought the large quantities you have to buy at the grocery store of which at the end of the week half disappears into the trash are a waste.

At the De Clercq straat / corner Bilderdijkstraat they opened a fresh looking store where they provide recipes and all the ingredients needed to prepare that one dish clearly presented with the average price per portion on a table in exactly the right quantities. There 14 different recipes, and 3 new ones every week. A small Coffee corner and a collection of the essential kitchen supplies

Bilder en de Clercq
De Clercqstraat 44
1052 NG Amsterdam
+31 20 760 7640

Monday to Friday 9:00 – 21:00
Saturday - Sunday 10:00 – 20:00

Bilder en de Clercq can also be found at Ceintuurbaan 334 at De Pijp area

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Sukha Amsterdam | Haarlemmerstraat

At Amsterdam we are enjoying some lovely summer days these weeks and with a gorgeous hammock Sukha Amsterdam transformed their shop entrance and window with the right vibe to get you in the mood for long Summer nights. 

Find Sukha Amsterdam at Haarlemmerstraat 110, near central Station. More from this area in Haarlemmerstraat | Haarlemmerdijk.

Pictures © Jeltje Janmaat for Sukha Amsterdam

THE LOFT Amsterdam | Pop-up store till August 15

'The Loft’ is an annual pop-up store ... and different from all other pop-up stores. It's a store with a selection of hand picked furniture, books, art, and many many!! other items all beautiful styled together.... it's an inspiring place, and home to an eccentric person.

Each year organisers,
the Playing Circle will choose a different fictive person with a different character, according to which the collection of furniture, art and accessories will be curated. 

From the carpets on the floor, to the furniture and even the books in the shelves – everything in The Loft will be for sale. I have been here already twice and if you have the change, I think you should go and experience the loft yourself! It's that place where you can wander around and discover new items all the time and where it is hard to leave empty handed.

The Loft will be open till August 15 - Prinsengracht 583 fifth floor, ring the bell! Check out the page for special events and opening hours: The Loft  
More pictures on my blog:

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Pllek creative hangout | Noord NDSM area

Pllek is a bar, restaurant and creative hangout build out of old shipping containers at NDSM dock. Located at just 2 minutes walking distance from the NDSM ferry it is the perfect raw and industrial place to have lunch or dinner. Outside you have a great view over the water and a beach made of white pebbles. In weekends there are different activities in and around Pllek, there is a website with everything goin on at NDSM docks. 

TT Neveritaweg 59 / NDSM Plein
1033 WB Amsterdam
+31 20 2900 020
Website: Pllek

Opening hours

Every day from 9:30 till late!
Kitchen open for breakfast 9:30 - 12:00, lunch 12:00 - 15:30, drinks 16:00 - 22:00, dinner 18:00 - 22:00

15 minutes with the NDSM Ferry from Central Station. How to get to NDSM dock, read all info on the NDSM website here
A small photo impression I made can be found here: From KNSM to NDSM
More locations and info about this area the guide Noord | NDSM area

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From KNSM to NDSM | Passing the water to the other side of town

On Summer days, when temperatures get towards 30 degrees it can be pretty hot in Amsterdam... The nearest beach is about half an hour by train from Central Station but the beach in Zandvoort can be pretty packed on really warm days, and especially in weekends I try to avoid the beach.

Living in the Eastern Docklands I am surrounded by water already, but I love to make a short walk and take the free NDSM ferry behind Central Station towards Amsterdam Noord. NDSM Dock is one of those raw edges of town, the old shipyards are used for various activities from theater, festivals or flee markets to photo location and fashion shows.

There are workshops and companies located in the old buildings and refurbished buildings and there are some pretty impressive hotels located around the NDSM Plein. I made this little photo impression when walking to the ferry and crossing the water to the NDSM area from where I live this afternoon.

Find the new locations in this area in the today updated page about the NOORD| NDSM area that you can use when coming to town. Enjoy ! 

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