SPRMRKT | WDSTCK expo + Paper launch

When Nelleke Strijkers first entered the space where Conceptstore SPRMRKT is located she knew she had found the raw and unfinished area where she could do whatever she wanted. 

Her concept store at Rozengracht 191 has a perfect raw and honest emotion that she is really comfortable with. At SPRMRKT you will find wearables, interior, exhibitions and more.

It is one of the shops I truly admire for years as it has this unfinished atmosphere I love. Totally painted in black, lots of black fashion, great bags and shoes... need I say more? It is also a store I can wander around maybe just a bit longer because of the music they play!

Lately Neleke has been working on making art and design more accessible at SPRMRKT as she noticed how young designers often struggle with a minimum income because of a minimum demand. Launching the co-branded concrete 'Van Vels' bowls and the 'stal collective' are the result of a collaboration between SPRMRKT and WDSTCK.

WDSTCK offers a range of multidisciplinary objects that each tell a personal story. The collection is presented at their gallery located in the middle of a forest in Naarden. From there, every object travels trough boutiques, art-fairs, conceptstores and museums until it finds a way to its future owner.

This week I went to the opening of the exhibition of WDSTCK's new multidisciplinary collection at SPRMRKT. Besides various architectural and interior design objects, the collection also included fashion and photography. 
WDSTCK's new paper magazine with the latest designs, background stories and visual essays was launched as well. Read the magazine online here |WDSTCK paper magazine| with Mirjam de Boer on the cover. More pictures at my Pinterest album


Rozengracht 191-193
Website | SPRMRKT     

Opening hours
Mon 12–18
Tue-Wed 10–18
Thurs-Fri 10–19
Sat 10–18
Sun 13–18
WDSTCK exhibition until july 20 2014

Tram 13, 17 ,10 
More in this area can be found at Jordaan | Rozengracht

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