Workshops and presentations | Dille & Kamille

Dille and Kamille recently opened their workshop area at the ground floor of their store at Korte Nieuwendijk. In this area, with a large kitchen and table, they will give workshops and presentations for their customers.  

The press meeting started with a trend presentation by Klaus van den Berg who did research on the perception of the public on the brand-name Dille & Kamille. Followed by two workshops! I started with tasting and recognising different coffee with Bocca, where we made our own slow coffee. And ended the evening with a bit of history on how a good Risotto is made by cookbook writer Florine Boucher and some delicious risotto made during the second workshop in the kitchen. Have a look at the store in this former post Natural simplicity | The all new Dille&Kamille

Find Dille&Kamille at (Korte) Nieuwendijk 16-18 | Very close to Central station at city centre | Dam   

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