Elle Festival | favourites from the Elle pavilion

My last weekend was marked by Elle festival taking place in Amsterdam. A selection in the field of interior design, fashion and food made by the three Dutch Elle magazines, Elle fashion, food and Elle decoration was presented in shops, offices, gardens, garage and private houses throughout the city.

The opening took place Thursday evening at the Elle pavilion on Looiersgracht. Which was also the starting point of the route through town and the place where lectures and workshops took place. I followed an interesting workshop by food photographer Jan Bartelsman.

In the pavilion, a magnificent collection of design, fashion and the latest trendy drinks, I totally fell in love with South African Ice tea brand BOS. The cabinets for Molteni by Elle Decoration International design award winner Ron Gilad were one of my favourites. Beautiful displayed under the huge installation of Bolt lamps by Tonone

The Elle Pavilion

To give you an impression of the pavilion I made a click through 'slide' show. Watch it in this post or full screen. Some of my other favourites can be found in the rest of the post, I would love to hear how you like it all! More on the festival following soon! Did you visited Elle festival? what was your favourite spot?


The pavilion was really my taste with it's raw concrete walls and white floor, and lots of light coming in through the roof windows. A beautiful background for one of my other favourites. Another light installation, Radiolaria by Bernotat &Co. A collection of lamps made of 3D-knitted textile with glow-in-the-dark effect, inspired by microscopic organisms

Being busy collecting beautiful garden ideas, my eye caught the 3 small benches by Fatboy in the outside area of the pavilion. I was thinking of getting myself some concrete benches, but they are really heavy and I believe these could be a real good alternative. Also this trio has my favourite colours!

There was lots more to see and discover in the pavilion and it was great meeting lots of talented people and some blogger friends as well at the party and during the rest of the weekend. I always return home inspired and with my head full of new ideas after such events.

Lovely to also see Petra Lunenburg working in the pavilion. She tore out fashion reports and iconic publicity out of the very first Elle issue and 'redesigned' them into little drawings with a contemporary twist. The woman with the black jacket being my absolute favourite!