Haarlemmerstraat | Haarlemmerdijk

Haarlemmerbuurt consists of Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk. Haarlemmerstraat starts near Central Station and after the bridge it is called  Haarlemmerdijk and at the end of the street you will find Haarlemmerplein. It is a lively street with a laid back atmosphere and a big variety of shops, think about interior, concept stores, cooking, books, specialised coffee, tea and oil shops, clothes, shoes etc.

Read a summery of my favourite shops and locations and scroll down for more detailed info, links to blogposts, pictures and opening hours of the specific locations... I am still working on adding more detailed info, so check back for more soon.

Vivian Hahn - Papabubble - Dot shop - & Klevering
&Klevering centraal  Haarlemmerstraat 8 | Accessories and gifts
Het grote avontuur Haarlemmerstraat 25 | Vintage furniture wallpaper gifts
Six and Sons Haarlemmerstraat 31 | Mini department store with lots of vintageSukha Amsterdam Haarlemmerstraat 110 | Eco friendly conceptstore
Hebbes Haarlemmerdijk 18 | Old fashion toy shop
Store without a home Haarlemmerdijk 26 | Independent design boutique
Restored Haarlemerdijk 39 | Handmade design and workshops
Dot shop Haarlemmerdijk 46 | Curtains furniture and gifts
A piece of Finland Haarlemmerdijk 66 | Finish design & food
Papabubble Haarlemmerdijk 70 | Artistic candy
Vivian Hahn Haarlemmerdijk 102 | Exclusief tableware

Eat & Drink
At Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk there are plenty of little places where you can have a drink or enjoy lunch, breakfast or a dinner. 

Vlaamsch broodhuys Haarlemmerstraat 108 | Delicious bread & Parisian breakfast 
Coffee Company Haarlemmerdijk 62 |Coffee and wifi Pizzabakkers Haarlemmerdijk 128 | Pizza & prosecco. 

In the Binnen oranje straat 14, just off the Haarlemmerdijk is a tiny cafe called 
Small World that serves delicious sandwiches 

Marqt Haarlemmerstraat 165 | Biological supermarket
Stach Haarlemmerstraat 150 | Delicious take away 


A piece of Finland
A dialogue with nature is reflected in many Finnish design pieces Legendary international brands such as Iittala, Marimekko, Nokia and Artek have paved way for new successes like Ivana Helsinki, Secto, Tonfisk, Rovio and Jolla. 

Find Tonfisk, rubber footwear by Nokian, bags by Lumi, Globehope, Reima childrens clothing, FLow cosmetics and delicious Finnish foods and more.

A piece of Finland
Haarlemmerdijk 66
1013 JE Amsterdam

Following the walking guide? Pop over to Jordaan area to continue your walk...

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