Today at Sukha Amsterdam | Amsterdam unplugged

We Dutch have this word 'Gezellig' It means something like Coziness... 

It is a feeling you get when having a meal with family and friends. Or when in winter you put on the heather, light the candles and curl on the couch with lost of cushions and a cup of tea.  

I really thought this pile of handmade
XXL Cushions from Nepal... that by the way are called NEST ! Totally explained the word Gezellig

© made at Sukha Amsterdam - cushions from Zilalila

Today at Sukha Amsterdam | Amsterdam unplugged

Little lights, made in Peru, from Sukha Amsterdam..... because it's Sint Martin's day and because I loved this corner with lanterns last week at Sukha Amsterdam. You can find more of my favorite shops in my Amsterdam city guide


Today at RAW | Amsterdam unplugged

I have been looking for a while at this corner.. today at RAW Materials in Amsterdam.. Thinking how beautiful old floorboards, a raw wall, some simple furniture like two old Indian market tables. Metal open cabinets. Italian ceramic in neutral tones like soft whites, blues and grays and some lost linen napkins......  can create such an amazing decor. Happy weekend to you all!


Elle inside Design 2011

Please note this event is now closed
Some random pictures made at Elle Inside Design...
of things I liked & loved! 
Black moodboard @ Studio Aandacht

Celebrating the anniversary of their book 'How they work'

See my post about it Here

Modern doctor's bags by Laurens Schellekens... loving the 'inspiration' picture!


Woonbeurs 2011 part II

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More pictures from the VT Wonen home at the 2011 Woonbeurs in Amsterdam... I loved the kitchen with the industrial window and the fantastic black tiles on the floor... I do not really like tiles in general but I thought these shiny VT Wonen ones were looking great with the natural wood and the grey cupboards. Also really loved how the tiles were used to make a tabletop.   



If you would like to know where the things you see on the pictures are available..  More of the VT Wonen home... Industrial loft + Classic elements 

Woonbeurs 2011 Part I | vtwonen home

Please note this event is now closed

Tough and elegant... An industrial loft with classic elements. A home I already knew I would like to bits, after seeing only a little glimpse by the editor of Dutch Interior magazine vtwonen Monique de Ruiter! *yes I am that good in spotting little details Monique ;) * 

I guess after seeing this first picture it won't surprise you that I could easily live in it as it has all the elements I love. So yes.... totally in love with this years VT Wonen Home, 
designed by my favorite vtwonen Stylist Frans Uyterlinden.  

More pictures... An Industrial kitchen and a white bedroom

See the second post about the VT Wonen home HERE


Sourced & Sold Industrial furniture

If you love industrial furniture, this little store in the heart of Amsterdam will make your heart beat faster. I have been wanting to make pictures in this store from the moment I first discovered it...When I passed the shop some weeks ago I was so happy to see it open and having my camera with me.

Sourced & Sold is filled with beautiful and well restored pieces. This is the place where you will find the aluminum Emeco Navy chairs. French Lockers, lamps and suitcases. And very important, I think.... a shop owner who knows what he is selling, loves to tell you about it and has a true passion for every little piece in his store. It was great to meet and chat with Jeroen, the owner and discover we thought the same about many things. I hope the pictures will bring over what a great shop this is, enjoy!

The brand Sourced and Sold can be found in the owners new store Harvest & Co. at Tweede Helmersstraat 90-96 - 1054 CN Amsterdam | old west area

All pictures are ©   - except the last two © by Sourced & Sold

Today at Pols Potten concept store | Amsterdam unplugged

(pictures made yesterday for my  City Guide)

When reading the English text on the Pols Potten website I had to look up the word Idiosyncratic..  Reading the Dutch definitions in my online dictionary I finally understood why maybe it is I feel so at home in this shop. I pop in very often, to drool over Paola Navona's couches, see that one lamp I love once more.... I just really like to walk around in this beautiful.. sometimes strange and yet so familiar world.. And it inspires me every time.

What you see at Pols Potten is the result of their dedication to artists, designers and producers. They supervise the design process as well as production and have a collection that is constantly updated. About their presentation they write on their website…
" we like to call it idiosyncratic. Hopefully, you’ll call it inspirational ."


Pols Potten

© - 2011