Sourced & Sold Industrial furniture

If you love industrial furniture, this little store in the heart of Amsterdam will make your heart beat faster. I have been wanting to make pictures in this store from the moment I first discovered it...When I passed the shop some weeks ago I was so happy to see it open and having my camera with me.

Sourced & Sold is filled with beautiful and well restored pieces. This is the place where you will find the aluminum Emeco Navy chairs. French Lockers, lamps and suitcases. And very important, I think.... a shop owner who knows what he is selling, loves to tell you about it and has a true passion for every little piece in his store. It was great to meet and chat with Jeroen, the owner and discover we thought the same about many things. I hope the pictures will bring over what a great shop this is, enjoy!

The brand Sourced and Sold can be found in the owners new store Harvest & Co. at Tweede Helmersstraat 90-96 - 1054 CN Amsterdam | old west area

All pictures are ©   - except the last two © by Sourced & Sold