Christmas Junction {Amsterdam unplugged}

Some snapshots from my IPhone downtown at the Jordaan earlier this evening where Sourced and Sold, Hudson River and Suzanne Biederberg Gallery joined forces for The Christmas Junction. Great company, drinks, fingerfood and coffee!

Zafra Amsterdam - {Today in Amsterdam}

New candles in bronze,gold and many other colours at Zafra Amsterdam 


X MAS at Options Amsterdam {Today in Amsterdam}

If you are in town, check out the Christmas department in the basement of concept store Options Amsterdam Please note Options is now closed 

Webshopevent Flavourites Live! van start

Webshopevent Flavourites Live! van start
In de Kromhouthal in Amsterdam-Noord is vanmorgen de vierde editie van het webshopevent Flavourites Live! van start gegaan. Meer dan 160 webshops verkopen hier in ‘pop-up stores’ live hun producten. Nieuw dit jaar is de toevoeging van Flavourites Live! Business, waar eigenaren (in spé) van kleine tot middelgrote webshops informatie krijgen over het runnen van een webshop.

Hudson River {Today in Amsterdam}

Spotted at Hudson River today: Awesome little staircase in a beautiful grey colour! (hudson river is closed now)


360 Volt

What a great spot! It is the entry of the tiny shop and work space of 360Volt at Prinsengracht 397 in the Leidseplein area. Here you find the biggest collection vintage industrial lighting. 360Volt is specialized in the factory, enamel lamp and industrial lamp.

Store without a home {Haarlemmerdijk}

Store Without a Home is an Amsterdam based interior design boutique, representing international brands and talented designers. The shop has had several locations but it has always been Jan willem Sanderse's dream to finally give his store a home at the Haarlemmerdijk. Excactelly there you can find him at number 26.  

RAW Materials {Today in Amsterdam}

A sneak peek at the beautiful Linens at RAW Materials....

Sukha Amsterdam- concept store

This Amsterdam based concept store changes the total look of the store from time to time and it is always a pleasure to look at the big shop-window and find out whats new in the collection. A
t Sukha you will find fashion, books, accessories, presents and unique handmade products. This time the grey floor has been painted white including a painted carpet. 

Find Sukha Amsterdam at Haarlemmerstraat 110, near central Station and if you are up for a walk in this area have a look at Haarlemmerstraat area 

Cafe Roest

This is Roest. A cafe-bar in an historic building at the VOC Kade on the Oostenburgereiland. Roest is different from all other locations as it is minimalistic and raw. Roest (meaning rusty in Dutch)is not just a cafe but also a creative place for movies, theater, art and music. There is a big terrace and a beach with chairs where you can enjoy this city oase of freedom and creativity.

Czaar Peterstraat 213
1018 PL Amsterdam
+31 203080283

Opening hours
Wednesday - Thursday 16:00 - 1:00
Friday 16:00 - 3:00
Saturday 11:00 - 3:00
Sunday 11:00 - 1:00

Urban art show {live your life}

A few weeks ago I went to see the Urban Art house exibition near my home... In an industrial warehouse next to cafe Roest, a variety of artists show their work. A mix op pop, street and media art, vintage interior design and fashion.

Vogue Fasion Night for Fashion lovers

If you are in Amsterdam on September 13 2012 then here is something for you if you are a Fashion lover: Vogue is having a Fashion Night on September 13 in collaboration with the Bijenkorf, one of  Amsterdam biggest and most beautiful stores. What an amazing shop window at the Bijenkorf this is. I love the reflection of the houses in the window.... those are the moments I love living the city live.

Hudson River (closed down)

You might wondering what is happening in the picture above... It is a scene in one of the little streets downtown.... those quiet streets, where people sit and eat outside on a nice Summer day. And those days shop owners take their newest finds outside to work on.

Yesterday I made some pictures at Hudson River, a shop in the center of Amsterdam filled with vintage furniture and Americana... The perfect place if you love huge metal industrial signs and  other unusual furniture and decoration for your home. Every few months a container full of American finds, all collected by the shop owner himself is shipped to Amsterdam. It is also the address to shop stars like I have on my kitchen wall!


Located on Haarlemmerdijk 39, Restored is all about beauty, balance and originality.Restored focus on representing talented young designers, and offering them a platform to bring their products and visions to a wider public.

In the store you will find beautiful garments, accessories, items for your interior, magazines and more. The products are manufactured with attention to craftsmanship. They have innovative details, are hand made ​​and produced in small quantities.

I love to browse this shop for little star pendants for my necklace and it's my address for Anthology and Frankie magazine.

New Amsterdam City guide

A new updated city guide - Version August 16 2012 - is now up for download.
I also finally made a beginning with the Dam + Spui areas where you will find Concept store Options, H & M Home, Zafra and Mariska Meijers. But there is still a lot to write and photograph.

At Utrechtsestraat I added Hutspot! And the new home for A store without a name is to be found at the Haarlemmerstraat. And do have a look at Lodsh in the Leidseplein area, a new store with a home collection that is based on global influences. Please do let me now if you come across something really cool in town... meanwhile enjoy your stay!

Update: Hutspot is now closed but will re-open in December 2012 at Van WOu straat 4 

Blijburg | City beach at IJburg

Amsterdam got several city beaches, so if you are unable to go to the real beach or just want to lay in the sun a bit it is a good place to go. This one called Blijburg (situated on IJburg) you can swim and lay in the sun and there is plenty of food, drinks and Dj's

Mariska Meijers flagship store

Mariska meijers recently opened her Flagship store in a 17th century canal house in the middle of Amsterdam From here she works and sells her colourful collection.

Kunstenaar-Ontwerper Mariska Meijers opent haar flagship store aan het Singel. Een ultra chique wereld van kleur en originaliteit in hartje Amsterdam.

In een 17e eeuws grachtenpand in hartje Amsterdam heeft Mariska Meijers sinds mei 2012 haar Flagship Store geopend. Hier combineert zij op geraffineerde wijze haar eigen collecties bestaande uit o.m. kussens, dienbladen en lampenkappen met zorgvuldig uitgezochte vintage items, kunst en objecten. De winkel heeft een intieme, creatieve, eclectische energie.

Options {Today in Amsterdam}

It is certainly beautiful at Options-Amsterdam with its ever changing themes and beautiful items. I have made it a  habit to pop in now and then to see what is happening ... And this last week I loved the beautiful new HAY items and the prints from Petra Lunenburg.

Please note: Options is now closed but Hotel Exchange and cafe Stock are still open

Hutspot Amsterdam

Hutspot: Hodge Podge/Hodge Potch: a mixture, a jumble of styles;
a thick soup, a hearty Dutch winter dish

is a brand new store/shop concept, centrally located in Amsterdam These pictures are made in the shop at Utrechtstestraat. In the shop young and upcoming creative talents have the opportunity to sell their products in their own space within the shop. Currently more than 35 different brands.

Literally everything is for sale… the artwork, the wall garden, the lighting fixtures, cupboards and shelving, the old 90cc Vespa scooter, even the cash register. Everything that is, except the shop dog, “Gumbo”.

The location on Utrechtsestraat is now closed. Hutspot will open it's doors in December again at their new adress: Van Woustraat 4 (Albert Cuyp area) A 2nd store opened at Rozengracht 204-210 at Jordaan | Rozengracht

Open doors at Antique58 in June

Good news for antique lovers ... the cutest little shop in town Antique 58 is opening its doors for the next two weekends at the Bloemgracht 58 , in the Jordaan district.

You are welcome on the following days to discover their new arrivals 
From Friday June 1st - Sunday June 3 from 1200 - 2000 
From Friday June 8 - Sunday June 3 from 1200 - 2000
More info on Antique58

Bloggable - Amsterdam unplugged on a sunny day

Waiting for the light to turn green, I saw this little sticker saying BLOGGABLE and being a blogger it made me smile.... I was on my way home after a nice day of biking around town. I went to the Noordermarkt where I spotted some bright yellow protest signs. A protest against the stupid plan of the municipality to change the square into an attraction with a big landing place for sightseeing boats 

One Day Shop Live - El Ramla Hamra {Today in Amsterdam}

The One day Shop at Haarlemmerdijk 41 is the place where to shop Arabian Lifestyle for the next few days. Till May 28 you can find El Ramla Hamra, one of the lovely sponsors of my blogs, in the shop. They present their new products for the first time, which are not yet on the site. Imagine yourself in a Moroccan fairytale and come to our shop in Amsterdam!

cool little shop ... a sneak peek at Zafra-Amsterdam

A friend of mine just opened a little shop on one of the canals in town ....with lots of respect for the original building she created a beautiful world called Zafra... off to shoot some more pictures to show you soon..© 

Options goes Africa {Today in Amsterdam}

What I like a lot about Options! Amsterdam is the great variety of themes they run in their concept store. From May 3 till May 24 it's all African Options!

With support from Aid to Artisans, an international non-profit organization that uses craft to spur economic development, Feeling Africa was started in 2003 by Willard Musarurwa, a gifted crafter from Zimbabwe.

Based in Cape Town, Feeling African now employs six full time wire- workers and produces funky and colourful wire furniture that has been nationally acclaimed and featured in national and international lifestyle magazines such as Elle Décor.

The products are entirely crafted by hand by the team of local artisans, and galvanised prior to being powder-coated, making them durable, weather-resistant and 100% original!
Furniture ranges from side tables, coffee tables, stools and (fruit)bowls. Feeling African also creates custom made pieces.



Today in Amsterdam: VT Wonen Magaglogue

previously posted on Vosgesparis
Please note this is a temporarily event!

We know VT Wonen for their great magazine and you might remember the posts I made after visiting the woonbeurs where VT Wonen and other Dutch interior magazines each year build a home totally inspired by the style of their magazine. In case you missed it here are the links again:  VT Wonen home - Industrial loft + Classic elements  and An industrial-kitchen-and-white-bedroom

VT wonen also has a great range of products you can buy in several Dutch shops and webshops! To introduce the latest collection there is a magalogue (a catalog and a magazine in one) coming with the latest VT Wonen magazine

To photograph the magalogue the VT Wonen team furnished two complete apartments that are up for sale (De witte kaap) One for a family with kids that you see here in this post and one for a working couple. Today the apartments were open to the public and Paulina and I visited one of them today and made some pictures.

Have a look at the digital version of the Magalogue and start shopping. For one lucky reader I have a spare copy of this months VT Wonen and the Magalogue. Just leave a comment in this post if you would like to win it ;)  

Styling of the VT Wonen Magalogue home by Cleo Schleuderman of VT Wonen. Pictures by Paulina Arcklin and Vosgesparis.... if you link please credit and mention the VT Wonen Magalogue

Sukha Amsterdam

previously posted on Vosgesparis

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sukha Amsterdam... An amazing concept store I told you about before and mention in my Amsterdam City Guide.

The shop itself already has a wonderful interior with its high ceilings, white walls and beautiful grey painted concrete floor. The interior with it's big shop window changes quite a lot and it is always a surprise to see what is next. 
I really love to come here and think the shop has a really good vibe.   
At Sukha you will find fashion, books, accessories, presents and unique handmade products.

Recently there is a big white tipi in the shop filled with plaids and cushions Isn't it amazing! I am loving the bright feeling it gives to the shop together with the white back wall with its little boxes and blue-ish clothes corner.. it is almost like summer is already there. You can find Sukha Amsterdam at Haarlemmerstraat 110, near central Station.

You will also find the kikoy towels from our sponsor 'De Strandhanddoek' in the shop 

 All pictures copyright Jeltje Janmaat Thank you Irene of Sukha Amsterdam for sending me all the eye candy for the blog.

IKEA Press event PS collection 2012

Previously posted on Vosgesparis
Please note this was a one time event!
46 new products from 19 designers were presented during the press event of the launch of IKEA's 7th PS Collection (to be in the shops from April 23) Inspired by over 60 years of IKEA history and the products of their past collections innovative products made of smart materials and new solutions were designed for the future. The theme of the new collection is... Design belongs in real homes.

Three lofts build in the former KNSM cantine in the Eastern Docklands, where the press event was as well, were furnished with the new collection. Here are some of my favorite shots. Of course as an inhabitant of this area it was a great opportunity for me as well to see these lofts from the inside for a change. 

And if you are in for more IKEA you can head over to the IKEA LIVE website where I am blogging today: my IKEA blogs

In one of the other lofts - Left to right: Nest of tables designed by Nike Karlsson & Jon Karlsson a set of three tables in powder coated steel that cover one in wood / A look in the loft with the 3 sit sofa by Nike Karlsson and red rugs by Maria Vinka / new chair with armrests by Marcus Arvonen and stackeble vases

 click to enlarge
I loved the candlestick, designed in seperate parts that you can put together whether
you want a traditional candlestick or sn asymmetrical candelabra - designed by Ehlen Johansson

More picteres on Facebook! 

IKEA will also launch a website dedicated to the PS collection where you can share your own pictures and can get inspired by others.