Bloggable - Amsterdam unplugged on a sunny day

Waiting for the light to turn green, I saw this little sticker saying BLOGGABLE and being a blogger it made me smile.... I was on my way home after a nice day of biking around town. I went to the Noordermarkt where I spotted some bright yellow protest signs. A protest against the stupid plan of the municipality to change the square into an attraction with a big landing place for sightseeing boats 

Of course we love our tourists and our boats, but if there is one area that is nice to just wander around and that you should visit by feet it is the Jordaan area. It does not help the tourist to be dropped of there with hundreds at once, It ruins the atmosphere where they come for in the first place and beside that it is also a living area... we love to work and live in the city center but changing it to one big attraction doesn't help anyone...

If you want please sign the petition against the landing place here: Vrienden van de noordermarkt  Here are some snapshots (with my IPhone and not of the best quality) from a sunny day in Amsterdam.
Update: Signing the petition helped changing plans and the idea is dropped.

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