Circle of Trust Conceptstore & Denim brand | Pijp area

Just around the corner from Albert Cuypstraat Circle of Trust opened their first Concept store, one of the designers of FoA tipped me about this new store. I passed by this narrow part of the street very often and coming back, I loved the new shop windows with a mix of fashion furniture.
Founded in 2005 Circle of trust is mainly know as a denim label for men, women and kids. In the 240m2 concept store you will find a mix of lifestyle, vintage and contemporary furniture and the complete selection of fashion Circle of Trust has to offer. I found a super cool present to bring home! 

Circle of Trust Concept Store
Ferdinand Bolstraat 47
1072LB Amsterdam
Opening hours
Monday - Saturday 10AM - 6PM
Website: Circle of Trust
Area: De Pijp

Photograpy ©Amsterdam Next

Moes & Griet Pop up store | April 6-12 Haarlemmerbuurt area

Online store Moes & Griet goes from clicks to bricks! For one week only they will have a physical store at the  One Day Shop at Haarlemmerdijk 41. Shop for brands like UASHMAMA®, Purée et Barbue, Keith Brymer JonesMenu and Kreafunk and meet the team.

Moes & Griet Pop up store | April 6-12
Haarlemmerdijk 41
1013KB Amsterdam
area: Haarlemmerdijk
Opening hours:
Monday Noon – 6.30PM
Tuesday to Saturday 10AM – 6.30PM
Sundays Noon – 6PM

Photography Ester Gebuis | Styling AnoukB for UASHMAMA® Benelux

Le Croissant et le Marché | French style morning market |

Le Croissant et le Marché. A French style morning market in the center of Amsterdam. Meet suppliers of vintage, antiques and brocante and enjoy breakfast. Come on over and enjoy this new event in the early morning.

Restaurant '
Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 11

Area: Leidseplein (on the border between Munt - old west area)

Saturday March 28 from 8AM - Noon

IKEA POP-UP STORE | Utrechtsestraat area

IKEA opened the IKEA POP-UP STORE today on Utrechtsestraat 105 and this Friday and in the weekend the store is open to get a preview of the 2015 Art Event. The Street Art limited collection offers 12 posters of well known and upcoming street artists from all over the world. The collection will be available from April in both stores and the web-store.

IKEA teamed up with artists like John Matos, a well known NYC graffiti artist, Chines Hua Tunan combines Western graffiti and traditional Chines ink tec hnic in his work, like ink splash effects. During the weekend IKEA invite you to collaborate with them on a Street Art work in progress.

IKEA Pop up store

Utrechtsestraat 105
1017 VK Amsterdam
Opening Hours:
Friday 10AM - 6PM
Saturday & Sunday 11AM-6PM
area: Utrechtsestraat

Amsterdam Denim Days 2015 | Westergasfabriek & downtown

Amsterdam Denim Days is an annual event for fashion forward denim lovers and throughout the city several events are set up for both consumers and professionals. Blueprint is one of the main events at Westergasfabriek Westerpark | Spaarndammerbuurt area. Expect big denim brands, seminars, exhibitions, workshops, a vintage market, live music and more. Downtown there will be a range of events in Amsterdam finest Denim stores. For denim professionals there is an invite only trade show at Westergasfabriek, Kingpins on April 15-16 and seminars on April 17.

Amsterdam Denim Days 2015
April 13-18  City centre events
April 17-18 Blueprint at Westergasfabriek
April 18  Seminars ‘Towards a brighter blue’ with key speakers from the denim industry

Invite only:
April 15-16 | Kingpins show | invite only
April 17 Seminars | invite only

Denim makers and beautiful stores
For this occasion I made a small selection of Amsterdam Denim makers and brands, and I love to show you some of the most beautiful Amsterdam Denim stores here on the blog, while you can find a new Denim days Top12 on where to purchase your denim in Amsterdam in the highlights section of my Amsterdam City guide APP  New tips are welcome, just sent me an email

Lets kick off with Amsterdenim and last years video!

Amster Denim, founded by Ben Fokkema is a denim brand packed with details telling the story of Amsterdam over the last centuries. By showing the history of Amsterdam on the inner pocket and giving them the same colour brown like the sails of the former ships that ones sailed over the Amstel, dark blue yarn in the stitching and Amsterdenim logo. The three crosses of Amsterdam and other details can be found back in the logo, used on the nodes and garments.

Website: Amsterdenim
Available at: Jacob Amsterdam, Angel-Agudo, Cosmic Cowboys  and Johnny at the Spot 

Blogpost & pictures: Dépôt by Johnny at the spot

Good Genes
Born in New York. Designed in Amsterdam. Made in Italy. That is style, quality, tradition and attitude all in one. Good Genes delivers a contemporary casual uniform of jeans with a variety of essential tops, jackets and coats. They have an amazing store downtown at the Pijp area, that is definitely worth visiting. 

Good Genes Store B.V.
Albert Cuypstraat 33-35
1072 CL Amsterdam
+3120 3080688
website: Good Genes
area: De Pijp 

Tenue de Nîmes
With two stores downtown, the one in Haarlemmerstraat being my favourite, and not only because they pour out some really good wine on weekend afternoons, Tenue de Nîmes is a really accessible store for both the denim lover looking for selected brands including their private label, think Blue Japan, Momotaro, Orslow Jeans, Big John The Real McCoy, Levi's Vintage CLothing including their private label, as well as the tourist looking from all ages looking  for something new to wear or buy. 

Both the store at Haarlemmerstraat 92-94 and Elandsgracht 60 have amazing interiors with a mix of fashion, shoes, books, jewellery and a selection brands for your interior. I am madly in love with their collection of Mad et Len candles & lava rock stones, in black handcrafted metal design. 

Tenue de Nîmes
Haarlemmerstraat 92-94
1013 EV Amsterdam
Area: Haarlemmerbuurt

Tenue de Nîmes

Elandsgracht 60
1016 TX Amsterdam
Area: 9 straatjes
Website: Tenue de Nîmes 
Blogpost & pictures: Tenue de Nîmes Haarlemmerstraat 

The dark and moody Red Wing Shoes store has an amazing interior that pays tribute to the rich history of the brand. The shoes are displayed on top of steel and antique glass show cases, which are filled with coal. 

The dark, concrete walls have been decorated with workman''s tools that date back to the days when Red Wing was a fledgling company. One wooden wall, which itself was made from materials from an old Amish water tower, is used to exhibit most of the accessories on offer. Definitely a must see!
Red Wing shoes
Reestraat 15

1016 DM Amsterdam
Website: Red Wing Shoes 
Area and more pictures: 9 straatjes

BDD | Benzak Denim Developers
Created in Holland - crafted in Japan

BDD is an Amsterdam based denim brand, founded by Lennaert Nijgh, aka benzak. Out of the passion for jeans and inspired by the unique fading capabilities of denim, bdd was born. Rather than seasonal collections, bdd develops timeless pieces that can go anytime, anywhere. bdd focuses on pure products and functional design.

All denim products are the beginning of a journey, which needs to be developed by the wearer. By wear and wash the denim of your pair will develop its personal character. No single pair will be the same. Be the developer of your denim and become part of the world of benzak. 

In Amsterdam available at Tenue de Nîmes

Denham | Jeansmaker
Englishman Jason Denham established DENHAM in the city of Amsterdam. Having already established his reputation in the European market as a consummate “jeanmaker” known for mixing denim modernism with workwear tradition, he resolved that the jeans category needed an injection of something fresh, new and undeniably mouth-watering.  

Denham Woman | Runstraat 17, 1016 GJ, Amsterdam
Denham Men| Prinsengracht 495, 1016 HR, Amsterdam
Website: Denham
Area: 9 straatjes

Denham Showcase store
At Denham they are delighted to have secured the iconic corner-shop location at the intersection of the Prinsengracht and the Runstraat. The new location creates a dynamic visual link between Denham’s mens store at Prinsengracht 495 and its womens store at Runstraat 17.  
The showcase will feature a regular rotation of focused product presentations expressing the most exciting elements of each seasonal collection – from premium concepts in traditional 5-pocket denim and head-to-toe indigo ranges to innovative programs in outerwear - as well as accessory groups and seasonal design collaborations. 
A small coffee corner is part of the Showcase store. 

Denham Showcase store
Prinsengracht 531 / Runstraat
1016 HR, Amsterdam
Website: Denham
Area: 9 straatjes
blogpost & Pictures: If it's not Indigo it's Black

Olaf Hussein
Denim brand born out of the designer's curiosity of exploration and travel. His love for the Evisu denim brand inspired him to get into jeansware and after being spotted by the Tommy Hilfinger team, releasing his own label in 2011. With his latest collection he's putting the mod back in modern, and drawing inspiration from the stylish young men of the late 50's, lifting a classic look to current modern standards. 

Available at Tenue de Nîmes and online
website: Olaf Hussein

No need to explain...One of the oldest denim brands. Between the 1950s and 1980s, Levi's jeans became popular among a wide range of youth subcultures, including greasers, mods, rockers, and hippies. Levi's popular shrink-to-fit 501s are still Levi's number one selling product.  In Amsterdam there are two Levi's brand stores

Levi's Brand store
Kalverstraat 167-169
1012 XB Amsterdam

Levi's Brand store
Leidsestraat 8
1017 PA Amsterdam
Area: Dam | Spui | Munt
Website: Levi's

Kings of indigo produces quality denim, tops and accessories inspired by American classics and designed with a Japanese eye for detail.

Available at Sukha, SpoiledNumber Nine More on the website
website: K.O.I.

G-Star specializes in making raw denim—an unwashed, untreated denim. G-Star is influenced by military clothing. Inspirations of their designs come from vintage military apparel from around the world. Some examples include special pockets constructions and the use of trims.

G-Star's flagship stores are located at PC Hooftstraat and a female department at Leidsestraat

G Star M/FPc Hooftstraat 26-28 
1071 BX Amsterdam Area: South | Museum district

G Star / F 
Leidsestraat 11 
1017 NS Amsterdam  

Website: G-Star

Scotch & Soda
Though Scotch & Soda has been around since the 80s, the Amsterdam-based fashion brand as we know it today originates in a brave new start in 2001, when three new owners joined their broad experience and shared love for making great garments.

Scotch’s most ambitious project Amsterdams Blauw hit the stores in December 2010; a compact high profile denim collection. The name Amsterdam Blauw (Amsterdam Blue) comes from the color of paint used to Paint Dutch porcelain in the Golden century. 

Scotch & Soda | Atelier Scotch
Heiligenweg 45
1012 XP Amsterdam

area: Spui | Munt

Scotch & Soda | Denim, men, women and fragrance
Berenstraat 15
1016 GG Amsterdam

Area: 9 straatjes

Scotch & Soda | Denim, men, women and fragrance
Huidenstraat 3-5
1016 ER Amsterdam

Area: 9 straatjes

Scotch & Soda kids | Denim
Wolvenstraat 14
1016 EP Amsterdam

Area: 9 straatjes

Different opening hours, find them at the website or in the APP 
Website: Scotch & Soda 

Lee was formed in 1889 by Henry David Lee at Salina, Kansas producing dungarees and jackets. The growth of Lee was prompted by the introduction of the Union-All work jumpsuit in 1913 and their first overall in 1920.

Later in the 1920s Lee introduced a zipper fly and continued to expand. Around this time, the first children's overall line was sold. During the 1930s and 1940s the company became the leading manufacturer of work clothes in the US. In the 1970s Lee shifted its focus from the workwear business and began catering to fashion cycles.

Lee Store
Wolvenstraat 8
1016 EP Amsterdam
Area: 9 straatjes
Website: Lee

Circle of trust denim & Conceptstore

Circle of Trust was founded in 2005 with one main focus: creating unique denim for Men, women and kids, Early 2015 they opened their concept store at the Pijp.

Circle of Trust Concept Store

Ferdinand Bolstraat 47
1072LB Amsterdam
area: De Pijp 
website: Circle of trust

Blogpost & Pictures: 

More denim:
Tim Collins photography 
The Denim Daily

A new Denim days Top12 on where to purchase your denim in Amsterdam can be found in the highlights section of my Amsterdam City guide APP  New tips are welcome, just sent me an email

Gatherhshop | Unique objects from young designers | Pijp area

Gatherhshop is a brand new shop at the Pijp, just around the corner of Ceintuurbaan, focusing on objects that are made by hand, all with a story, a maker, an integrity. I met owner Jessica some time ago when she just opened the shop and loved the clean and minimal look of the store. I asked her how she puts together the selection, "We believe in the unique value of simple things, a considered approach to design and a recognition of thoughtful craftsmanship. Our collection of jewellery, homewares, art and stationary are guided by material and simplicity, with natural forms and ­unimposing colours, the objects and the connection to their makers really speak for themselves."

Unique objects from young designers
The collection celebrates artists and designers from all over the world that are making in small batches and often in studios at home. By only getting a small number of each object, you can have something truly unique.

Gathershop work mainly with makers that are at the beginning of their journey, this means they get to showcase their beautiful work in a shop environment but also means that all pieces can be at accessible price points.

Van Woustraat 99

1074 AG Amsterdam
Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday 

Website: Gathershop
Area: De Pijp

Photos ©Carly Wollaert Photography