Salamon Art & Design | A new Conceptstore with a focus on Polish design (CLOSED)

Salamon Art & Design is a concept store / art gallery space presenting today’s lively Polish art and design. The Amsterdam-based concept store features a range of Polish fashion, jewellery, homeware and furniture in their clean and white space at Rozengracht. When in Milan for designweek I spotted several of the designers that now can be found at Salomon.

The shop opened a few days ago showcasing the first collections and new designers are added every week until the official opening event on September 23. You are welcome to pop in! I was impressed by the charcoal jewellery and the different furniture and love the idea of a Polish concept store. Salomon Art & Design will also host workshops and exhibitions of Polish artists and designers.

This store is closed

Salamon Art & Design
Rozengracht 75
1016 LT Amsterdam
Opening hours: Every day from 11AM - 6PM
website: Salamon Art & Design

area: Jordaan / Rozengracht

Pluk Amsterdam opens second location | 9 streets area

At the Amsterdam Next we mostly show you those special the places where I regularly shop myself or stores that have great interiors, I am an interior design lover and blogger for nearly ten years after all, it is the niche we love to focus on and work with most! Just like everyone else I love to go out for a healthy lunch or breakfast and am a real coffee addict and because we all need a break from shopping and wandering through town, you will find a small selection of cool places where to have breakfast or lunch or a coffee in between.

Today the second location of Pluk Amsterdam opened it's doors at the Berenstraat 19 in the 9 streets area, fun fact their first store is at the Reestraat number 19... easy right! At Pluk you can sit down for a coffee, healthy juices, a delicious breakfast, salad or sandwich or simply order for on the go.

Besides a healthy menu Pluk has a collection of small home goods for the kitchen, candles and lots more small gifts including their own stationery collection for sale. With a few tables in the basement level and even more upstairs a great spot for a break when shopping, there is also a few cute tables in front of the store wicht you might have spotted on our AMS NXT Instagram account this afternoon. Both locations can also be found in our Amsterdam city guide app 

Pluk Amsterdam
Berenstraat 19 (new location) 1016 GG Amsterdam &
Reestraat 19, 1016 DM Amsterdam

Open every day from 10am - 6pm
website: Pluk Amsterdam
Reestraat 19, 1016 DM Amsterdam
area: 9 streets area 

It was really busy at the new location today so here are some pictures to show you the different articles you can shop in both the stores photographed at the Reestraat 19, which is also the place for your take away Pluk Detox!