Amsterdam Next is a local's city by Desiree, I was born and raised in Amsterdam, I love my town and have lived her all my life. I am also the editor of Dutch Interior Design blog Vosgesparis and have been blogging for over 6 years. Readers of Vosgesparis regularly asked me for local shopping tips, and back then in 2007, I made a shopping route on paper which I mailed around. From this I build Amsterdam Next. An Amsterdam city guide with a focus on Lifestyle and Interior design. 

In the guide you will find the places where I regularly shop or that have great interiors! I love to go out for healthy lunches and pizza and am a real coffee addict, and because we all need a break from shopping and wandering through town, you will find a small selection of those as well.

Find out where to look for Dutch design, the coolest concept stores and shop for yourself, your friends and your home. Use the guide to discover the different streets and areas and everything they offer, from fashion to concept store, from pizza to coffee. The guide is updated regularly, while selected blogposts give you a better idea of each location. I hope It helps you around next to your map, travel book or regular city guide, and discover where to go and find those special places we local's love!

How to use the guide
Check out the different areas in the sidebar under |Amsterdam by Area - City guide| where you will find more about each area and the places I think are interesting for design, fashion and coffee addicts. There is a text only guide with all areas to download if you like things on paper |Download the complete guide| updated every few months.
I love my town and if you have any questions, want me to come and see your place, or did a great discovery, drop me an email or contact me via social media.

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