Dam & Spui area

Dam | Spui Area
Dam square is the main square in town, it is where you find the Royal Palace is is easily reached walking straight over the Damrak coming from central station. On Damrak you find the usual tourist related shops and all the food-chains. Not really the best first impression for a city as old as Amsterdam. But the good news is that the street is slowly changing, to give it some more grandeur.

At Damrak 49 you will find Restaurant Stock where they serve breakfast, sandwiches and soup all day. Hotel Exchange is part of the concept. A hotel with a special love of fashion. Students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute dressed the rooms like models on the catwalk. The result: a hotel where architecture meets fashion. Fashion related Concept store Options didn’t made it and had to close it doors… a restaurant still part of the same concept will open soon and Options has continued as a small online store.

  Options above (closed) - The Exchange and Stock below

On Dam square you will find the largest store of all called Bijenkorf a famous and recently modernised store with everything you can think off. There is a floor filled with lamps and mostly contemporary design and kitchen tools. But also many clothing brands, books parfum and many many more things. On one of the other corners of Dam you will find H&M with on the third floor the only H&M Home store in the Netherlands. The shop is tiny and you shop with a magnetic board where you add a magnet of the item you want to buy on. Around the Dam square you will find the main shopping areas with all the brands you will probably also find in your own hometown.  

At Spui square you will find 2 large bookstores The ABC (American book centre and Waterstones (UK Bookstore). Brand new is HAY where you will find almost all products of this well known Danish brand.  

Just behind the Spui on Singel 391 you’ll find Zafra-Amsterdam a tiny beautiful restored store in a 16th century canal house. Filled with local designer items from all the big world cities.
Exchange and Stock Damrak 49
Bijenkorf Dam
H&M Home Dam
HAY Nieuwe zijds voorburgwal 326/close to Spui
Zafra Amsterdam Singel 391 Design, Home accessories, and coffee-Tea corner

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