de negen straatjes

De 9 Straatjes |The 9 Streets| is a collective name given to the nine cosy and picturesque shopping streets in the Amsterdam Canal Belt, connected by bridges. In these streets you’ll find a wide variety of shops, including interior design shops, and clothing designed by both upcoming and well-established brands.The area is filled with great bars, restaurants and coffee corners, and a new shop can pop up any week.

The Nine Streets area can easily be reached from behind the Spui or Dam square,and are situated between Singel and Prinsengracht. In most of the shops in this area you can ask for a map of de 'negen straatjes' that will make it easier for you to see the layout of the area.
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A complete list with my favourite locations in this area, more info and opening hours of the specific locations can be found in our Amsterdam city guide APP AMS NXT  


Red wing shoes  Reestraat 15 | Shoes, belts, gloves and an amazing interior
COS Hartenstraat 23 | Collection of style, fashion for mena and woman

Dr.Wonen Hartenstraat 27 | Interior Design and Lifestyle products
Karl Lagerfield Hartenstraat 16 | Amsterdam Fashion house of Karl Lagerfeld PRJCT AMS Gasthuismolensteeg 18 | Unique concept in fashion

Acne Studios Oude Spiegelstraat 8 | Amsterdams first Acne Studio 
Mendo Berenstraat 11 | Creative books on fashion, interior and more
Chasin Wolvenstraat 21 | Fashion with a great visual concept
Lee Wolvenstraat 8 | Jeans and more
Flippa K Wolvenstraat 6 | Style,simplicity and quality fashion      
Spoiled Wolvenstraat 19 | Denim and fashion labels
Anecdote Wolvenstraat 15 | Fashion collection with a story
Haar Barbaar Wolvenstraat 35 | Men only barber shop
Rika Boutique Oude Spiegelstraat 12 | Rock n Roll style with a feminine silhouette

Denham Jeansmaker Runstraat 17 | Jeans from the jeansmaker for woman
Denham Jeansmaker Prinsengracht 495 | Jeans for men
Denham showcase | corner Runstraat /Prinsengracht 531
Marie Stella Maris Huidenstraat /Keizersgracht 357 | Personal care & water
Velour Huidenstraat 14 | Alternatives to ordinary fashion brands 
360 Volt Prinsengracht 397 | Big collection of vintage industrial lightning
Brainy days Hazenstraat 53 | 
Presents and  collectables extraordinaire CLOSED ATM Anouk Beerents Prinsengracht 467 | A garage full of mirrors (appointment only)

Eat & Drink
Cafe Brix Wolvenstraat 16 | Cafe restaurant with a beautiful light extension 


Maison Rika Oude Spiegelstraat 12 | 2 bedroom guesthouse


Red Wing Shoes
The Red Wing store''s collection consists of a wide range of Red Wing Shoes, shoe maintenance items, belts, gloves, as well as other accessories. The store has an amazing interior that pays tribute to the rich history of the brand. The shoes are displayed on top of steel and antique glass show cases, which are filled with coal. 

The dark, concrete walls have been decorated with workman''s tools that date back to the days when Red Wing was a fledgling company. One wooden wall, which itself was made from materials from an old Amish water tower, is used to exhibit most of the accessories on offer. Definitely a must see. 

Red Wing shoes
Reestraat 15

1016 DM Amsterdam
Website: Red Wing Shoes

DR Wonen
DR Wonen is the place to be in the Negen Straatjes for Interior Design and Lifestyle products. Furniture, wallpaper and accessories from well established Scandinavian brands. 

DR. Wonen
Hartenstraat 27
1016 CA Amsterdam

The 'different' H&M sister we call it. Cos |Collection Of Style| is for men and women who want high end design and good quality at an affordable price. The store is located at a carefully considered location with a design concept that preserves buildings’ original features whilst creating a modern gallery space for the COS collection.


Hartenstraat 23
1016 CA Amsterdam
website: COS

Karl Lagerfeld
Amsterdam Fashion house of Karl Lagerfeld – one of the world’s most influential and iconic designers – can be found behind the black painted facade in the Hartenstraat.

Karl Lagerfeld
Hartenstraat 16
1016 CB Amsterdam 
website: Karl Lagerfeld

The Graphic shopwindow, was what caught my eye at first! PRJCT AMS offers a unique concept in fashion designs. Created by collaborations between designers, creative people and entrepreneurs of various industries in fashion, photography, music, jewelry, art and more. 

Gasthuismolensteeg 18
1016 AN Amsterdam

Website: prjct ams

Acne Studios
Acne’s stores are known as studios as they aim to recreate the atmosphere of a working creative space. Amsterdams first Acne Studio is part of the creative collective Acne (Ambition to Create Novel Expression) which was founded in Stockholm, Sweden. Clothes for both men and women, accessories and footwear. Acne Studios products can be seen as a mixture or bridge between ready-to-wear clothes (Prêt-à-Porter), youth culture and contemporary art.

Acne Studios
Oude Spiegelstraat 8
1016BM Amsterdam
Website: Acne


Mendo Amsterdam
Led by its founders, Roy Rietstap, Joeri Worm and Joost Albronda, MENDO has become the home-base for inspirational and creative books on fashion, photography, architecture, interior and graphic design. Since its inception in 2002 MENDO evolved into the book candy store of Amsterdam. 

Mendo Amsterdam
Berenstraat 11
1016GG Amsterdam
Website: Mendo

Cafe Brix
Cafe Brix Recently opened up the backspace of their cafe/restaurant and created a light and basic extension with a bit of an industrial character using simple tiles, old windows, lamps and chairs. Definitely my style! Open for lunch and dinner.

Cafe Brix
Wolvenstraat 16
1016 EP Amsterdam
Website: Cafe Brix

Fashion with a great visual concept! One of the walls and part of the ceiling is filled with huge images. A cute patio at the back of the shop to check your clothes within daylight. Men's Fashion only.

Wolvenstraat 211016 EN AmsterdamWebsite: Chasin

LEE store Amsterdam
Lee Store
Wolvenstraat 8
1016 EP Amsterdam
Website: Lee

Flippa KStyle, simplicity and quality fashion from Sweden defines the brand by London educated Filippa Knutsson .

Flippa K
Wolvenstraat 6
1016 EP Amsterdam
Website: Flippa K

picture by
SpoiledSpoiled is a small conceptstore showing a selection of denim and niche fashion labels

Wolvenstraat 19 
1016 EN Amsterdam
Website: Spoiled

Anecdotes! It’s the things that happen to us, the stories we share with friends and family. ANECDOTE is also the name of the brand Jet van Beuningen started in 2009 and every Anecdote fashion collection is based on one of such story's.  

Wolvenstraat 15 
1016 EM Amsterdam
Website: Anecdote

Haar Barbaar
Haar Barbaar
wolvenstraat 35
1016 EN Amsterdam
Website: Haar Barbaar

Men only barber shop with, old traditions in a modern way.

This shop is beautifully captured by Tim Collins. Check out his great photography: Tim Collins 

Rika Boutique and Maison Rika
Rika was founded on the strong personal taste of Ulrika Lundgren, the style fuses rock ‘n’ roll and a timeless feminine silhouette – with a sprinkle of pared down, Scandinavian aesthetic. Above the boutique there is Maison Rika, a small 2 bedroom guesthouse decorated in style and ambiance in harmony with Ulrika's Scandinavian sensitivity.

Oude Spiegelstraat 9 / Oude Spiegelstraat 12
1016 BM Amsterdam
website: Rika




Denham | Jeansmaker
Englishman Jason Denham established DENHAM in the city of Amsterdam. Having already established his reputation in the European market as a consummate “jeanmaker” known for mixing denim modernism with workwear tradition, he resolved that the jeans category needed an injection of something fresh, new and undeniably mouth-watering.  

Denham Woman | Runstraat 17, 1016 GJ, Amsterdam
Denham Men| Prinsengracht 495, 1016 HR, Amsterdam
Website: Denham

Denham Showcase store
At Denham they are delighted to have secured the iconic corner-shop location at the intersection of the Prinsengracht and the Runstraat. The new location creates a dynamic visual link between Denham’s mens store at Prinsengracht 495 and its womens store at Runstraat 17.  
The showcase will feature a regular rotation of focused product presentations expressing the most exciting elements of each seasonal collection – from premium concepts in traditional 5-pocket denim and head-to-toe indigo ranges to innovative programs in outerwear - as well as accessory groups and seasonal design collaborations. 

A small coffee corner is part of the Showcase store. 

Denham Showcase store
Prinsengracht 531 / Runstraat
1016 HR, Amsterdam
Website: Denham

Marie-Stella-Maris Archives
The movie theater marquee letters showing the human rights to water law dominate the huge wall where the new line of personal care products is displayed on glass shelves. In the basement there is a small coffee area and of course the Marie Stella Maris water bottles the brand started with can be purchased as well

Marie-Stella-Maris is a Dutch brand and for each product you purchase, MARIE-STELLA-MARIS donates a fixed amount towards clean drinking water projects worldwide. 

Marie-Stella-Maris Archives
Keizersgracht 357 / corner Huidenstraat
1016 EJ Amsterdam
+31 85 273 2845

website: Marie-Stella-Maris Archives
blogpost: Marie-Stella-Maris Archives | 9 streets area 

Opening hours:
Monday 12 pm - 7 pm
Tuesday 10 am - 7 pm
Wednesday 10 am - 7 pm
Thursday 10 am - 9 pm
Friday 10 am - 7 pm
Saturday 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday 12 pm - 5 pm

The overall design concept of Velour springs out of a classic preppy look with traditional garments redesigned in a new stylish, yet effortless, way. This style has Swedish west coast influences and addresses curious individuals who have an interest in trends but, unlike the fashion slave, are reflective and make their own interpretation. They appreciate genuineness and are, by Velour, offered an alternative to the ordinary fashion brands through everyday icons such as cardigans, check shirts, parkas and trench coats. 
Huidenstraat 14
1016 ES Amsterdam
Website: Velour

360 Volt sells a collection of vintage industrial lighting & metal letters in different sizes

Prinsengracht 397 sous
1016 HL Amsterdam
Website: 360Volt

Blogposts : 360volt  Design Icons 2012

opening hours: 
Wednesday to Saturday 11.00 – 18.00 Tuesday on appointment +31 (0)20 810 01 01

Brainy days
Young and upcoming brands are brought together within a theme. Expect new brands and a new theme every 3 months.
Brainy days
Hazenstraat 53 (One step away from The 9 streets)
1016 SN Amsterdam
+31 622714718

Opening hours
Wednesday 11:00 - 18:00
Thursday 11:00 - 19:00
Friday 11:00 - 18:00
Saturday 12:00 - 18:00 Website: Brainy days

Specialised in the import and export of antique, and authentic quality mirrors, the majority of which are of French and Italian origin with gilded gold or silver leaf. Anouk has an amazing studio downtown, a real hidden gem on Prinsengracht.
Anouk Beerents
Prinsengracht 467
1016 HP Amsterdam
+31 20 6228598
by appointment only

Pictures © Amsterdam next | and the specific brands