Jordaan | Noordermarkt area - Westerstraat| Herenstraat en Prinsenstraat

The Jordaan is a large area consisting of canals and small streets, bordered by the Lijnbaansgracht canal to the west, the Prinsengracht to the east, the Brouwersgracht to the north and the Leidsegracht to the south.  

On the Noordermarkt you will find an outdoor market on Saturdays and Monday mornings around the church, and if you are interested in exploring the Westerstraat and nearby small streets, this square makes a perfect starting point.

New shops are opening almost every month also in this area so keep an eye on them and let me know what you found and loved ;)

Please note we are working on the site!

A complete list with my favourite locations in this area, more info and opening hours of the specific locations can be found in our Amsterdam city guide APP AMS NXT  
Fens Decor - De Weldaad - Noordermarkt Area

Fens decor
 Prinsengracht 12 |Mix of industrial furniture and French antiques |open on saturdays only|
De Weldaad Noordermarkt 35-36 | Historic building materials & Antique

At Noordermarkt, Westerstraat starts where you will find..
Anno Design & Kartell Westerstraat 35 & 49 | Contemporary design furniture 
Pols Potten Westerstraat 187 | Inspiring Flagship store

Halfway Westerstraat after passing Gallerie Moooi you can turn left and walk into 2e Anjelierdwarsstraat and you will find a nice view at the Westertoren with the blue crown This small street goes all the way till Prinsengracht and has many little shops and a great pizza bakery, called La Perla |2e tuindwarsstraat| If you turn right at the Prinsengracht you can walk along the canal till Rozengracht On your way to Rozengracht pop into Herenstraat & Prinsenstraat near the Noordermarkt!

Herenstraat and Prinsenstraat The Herenstraat and the Prinsenstraat are two small streets located inbetween Haarlemmerstraat and the Nine streets, within walking distance from Dam square, or along the Prinsengracht when heading over from the Noordermarkt.

They are often overlooked, but have seen a lot of exciting new stores opening up recently, and this small area is quickly becoming one of my favourite new hang-outs. The green plants in front of every shop, are a friendly touch and connect all the different spots.

Read a summery of my favourite shops and locations and scroll down for more detailed info, links to blogposts, pictures and opening hours of the specific locations if available

Please note I try to keep the site updated but with stores coming and going it may happen a shop is no longer open.
Property off Herenstraat 2 | Fine bags and accessories
Black sheep road Herenstraat 6 | A mixture of street wear and high fashion

Niels Herenstraat 15 | Interior & Lifestyle from Scandinavian and Dutch brands 
Number nine Herenstraat 18 | Fashion, sneakers, sunglasses and more
Cosmania Herenstraat 19  | International cosmetics brands
Outras Coisas Herenstraat 31 | Lifestyle, Fashion and home products 
Like stationary Prinsenstraat 24 | Stationary and paper ware.

The Rozengracht is a large street with several concept stores and specialized shops between Westermarkt and Marnixstraat, in the heart of the Jordaan. New shops are opening in the Raadhuisstraat, the street in the extension from Westermarkt towards Dam square. Please note we are working on the site!

A complete list with my favourite locations in this area, more info and opening hours of the specific locations can be found in our Amsterdam city guide APP AMS NXT 

Van der Linden Rozengracht 36-38 | Paint and special papers
Coppenhagen Rozengracht 54 | beads

Eat & Drink Jordaan area

Dr. Blend Herenstraat 23 | Smoothies, juices and coffee
Eat & drink
De Winkel  Corner Noordermarkt / Westerstraat | Famous for its apple pie.. on Saturdays and especially on Monday morning you will find people queuing up
for coffee and a piece of apple pie. 
Sla Westerstraat 34 | Healthy salads
La Perla Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 14 & 53 | Pizza, lunch & dinner |Call for reservations +31 20 6248828