Denham Showcase store this month | If it's not Indigo it's Black

At Denham they are delighted to have secured the iconic corner-shop location at the intersection of the Prinsengracht and the Runstraat. The new location creates a dynamic visual link between Denham’s mens store at Prinsengracht 495 and its womens store at Runstraat 17.

The showcase will feature a regular rotation of focused product presentations expressing the most exciting elements of each seasonal collection – from premium concepts in traditional 5-pocket denim and head-to-toe indigo ranges to innovative programs in outerwear - as well as accessory groups and seasonal design collaborations. This months the theme is BLACK and being a lover of the colour black I had to show it! 

A small coffee corner is part of the Showcase store. 

Denham Showcase store
Prinsengracht 531 / Runstraat
1016 HR, Amsterdam
Website: Denham

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