Options {Today in Amsterdam}

It is certainly beautiful at Options-Amsterdam with its ever changing themes and beautiful items. I have made it a  habit to pop in now and then to see what is happening ... And this last week I loved the beautiful new HAY items and the prints from Petra Lunenburg.

Please note: Options is now closed but Hotel Exchange and cafe Stock are still open

This is a drawing on the wall of Stock the restaurant next to the shop. In Amsterdam we have a say 'rare vogels' meaning 'strange birds' Amsterdam and especially the Damrak where Options is located has lots of Strange birds passing by...

So when the building of Hotel Exchange with its concept store Options and its restaurant Stock was finished. All people who had been involved were asked to draw a 'strange bird on the wall of Stock and Hotel Exchange being a fashion boutique Hotel concept, all bird are fashion related too.

Downstairs, with a bamboo lamp from Ay Illuminate, where you often find people behind the sewing machines...   

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