Today at Pols Potten concept store | Amsterdam unplugged

(pictures made yesterday for my  City Guide)

When reading the English text on the Pols Potten website I had to look up the word Idiosyncratic..  Reading the Dutch definitions in my online dictionary I finally understood why maybe it is I feel so at home in this shop. I pop in very often, to drool over Paola Navona's couches, see that one lamp I love once more.... I just really like to walk around in this beautiful.. sometimes strange and yet so familiar world.. And it inspires me every time.

What you see at Pols Potten is the result of their dedication to artists, designers and producers. They supervise the design process as well as production and have a collection that is constantly updated. About their presentation they write on their website…
" we like to call it idiosyncratic. Hopefully, you’ll call it inspirational ."


Pols Potten

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