Thonet concept store | IJburg area

With several showrooms in Germany and one in London, Thonet opened it's first concept gallery in Amsterdam last week. I had a sneak peek on a sunny afternoon and was surprised by the huge and contemporary collection. 

When you say Thonet the first thing that comes to mind is the dark brown bentwood chair nr.14, also known as the konsumstuhl or Vienna coffee shop chair. But Thonet has much more to offer.

The new showroom presents contemporary Thonet products, among them the new desk S 1200, the LUM 2.0 luminaire, and the modern conference table system S 8000 by Hadi Teherani, as well as the classics including the Bauhaus designs such as the desk S 285 by Marcel Breuer and the cantilever chair S 533 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohebe. The over 400 square meters also houses the Dutch wall and flooring manufacturer Senso.

Thonet has a long family story and I had the pleasure to meet Peter Thonet, a fith generation family member. And asked him about his favourite piece of the collection. He told me he still loves the bentwood chairs and showed me the Thonet 209 bentwood armchair. I can only agree, as this chair immediately caught my eye because of it's beautiful minimalistic almost Scandinavian look.

Thonet Concept gallery
Pedro de Medinalaan 53
1087 XP Amsterdam
Website: Thonet
area: IJburg
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