Blom & Blom | Store opening in Amsterdam Noord

Blom & Blom are two brothers with a passion for industrial artefacts from the former DDR. They collect, restore and redesign industrial lighting and furniture found in abandon places. E
very product comes with a ‘passport’ describing the item’s origin to help ensure that its rich history will not go lost. 

With workshops both in Amsterdam and Berlin they opened their new store in the northern part of town 'Noord' Easy to reach with bus 35/stop, Mosplein.  

Blom & Blom
Chrysantenstraat 20a
1031 AE Amsterdam

+31 20 737 2691

Opening hours
Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 - 18:00
Website: Blom & Blom

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Lau de CASALIL said...

wow I should go there next time!! and what an amazing place with all that windows... lovely thanks Dees... and have a gorgeous week!