Hotel De Hallen & Remise 47 | Old west area

Hotel De Hallen is situated in one of Amsterdam’s former tram depots and part of the large new industrial hotspot and new upcoming area De Hallen, where different entrepreneurs, a cinema, restaurants, gallery's, a library and the Food hallen are located. The entrance of the hotel is at Bellamy square in the old west area, a typical and lively Amsterdam area with the daily 'Ten Kate' market around the corner.  

The hotel offers luxury rooms and spacious surroundings with an abundance of plants, brought to perfection with modern furniture and design. There is a lively terrace with lots of green and restaurant Remise 47 is part of the complex. And more restaurants can be found in the adjacent Hallen and Food hallen.

Hotel De Hallen
Bellamyplein 47
1053 AT Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 8 208 670
website: Hotel De Hallen 
website: Restaurant Remise 47
Reservations Remise 47: 
+31 (0)20 8 208 675
area: West | Old West | Vondelpark 
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Blogpost: Hotel De Hallen & Remise 47 

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