Room on the Roof at the Bijenkorf | Dam area

You might have noticed the little tower on the roof of Amsterdam most famous and recently modernised store "De Bijenkorf " Over the last 100 years the tower has never been used, but things are changing and from January 27 the sixteen square meter tower room will become the workspace of different artists, writers, musicians, architects and designers selected by The Bijenkorf in collaboration with the Rijksmuseum.

The Artist in Residence project  ‘Room On The Roof’ will start with Maarten Baas being the first artist using the studio... More pictures of this project by i29 Architects on my other blog 
Vosgesparis: Room on the roof at the Bijenkorf

I am curious to see how visitors of the store will experience the presence of the different artists and designers as the room, only reachable from the roof, won't be accessible for the public!  Maarten Baas' latest project "My work" will be shown in the corner shopwindow at Dam square till Februari 8. 

De Bijenkorf
Did you visited the store lately and did you see the large concept space on the ground floor where different designer labels such as Carl Hanssen, Tom Dixon and labels such as Marie Stella Maris have their store in store space?

I personally really love the Bijenkorf and have been shopping her all my life... It is such a beautiful building and whole generations have been shopping at de Bijenkorf. Sometimes when walking down the stairs I suddenly see myself walking the same stairs with my mum as I do now with my daughter. 

Next to the different store in the concept space you will find lots of contemporary design for every space at home, but you’ll also find high end fashion, books, cosmetics, etc. 

Dam 1
1012 JS Amsterdam

Opening hours:
Monday 11AM - 10PM
Tuesday to Wednesday 10AM - 8PM
Thursday to Friday 10AM - 9PM
Saturday 9:30AM - 8PM
Sunday 11AM - 8PM
website: De Bijenkorf
area: Dam | Spui | Munt

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