Photography... Coffee & Coconuts | Pijp area

Love to take you one more time to the Pijp area where I had a little meeting with some fellow bloggers the other day and finally got to hang out a bit on one of the top floors... and had two! really great apple, carrot and ginger smoothies! The place is really packed all the time but has a great laid back atmosphere... many people working on their laptops, friends talking in a quiet corner and bigger groups gathering around one of the many tables or hanging on the . I am sure the furniture by Atelier Sukha is creating an overall laid back atmosphere

This time I brought my camera and made a few snap shots from the amazing photography hanging on the tall brick walls ....  Musicians like David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and good old Roxy Music give the 3 stories cafe, restaurant, , just that needed touch of Rock & Roll.

CT Coffee & Coconuts
1072 GK Am

Opening hours: 

Monday - Friday 7AM - 10PM
Saturday - Sunday 8AM - 10PM 

Area: de Pijp
Website: CT Coffee & Coconuts

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pictures ©Amsterdam Next