Day trip from Amsterdam | Brands UNXPCTD in Haarlem

Haarlem is a small town between Amsterdam and the sea. I have a soft spot for Haarlem, my grandmother used to live there and when I was small me and my mom often visited an aunt of mine who lived in one of the many historical courtyards Haarlem still has. One of my best friends recently opened a Slow Store in Haarlem and if you are looking for a day to escape from the big city of Amsterdam, Haarlem and especially Brands UNXPCTD is the place to go! 

Anouk, owner of Brands UNXPCTD is a well know interior designer and stylist with a great taste! Something you will definitely see back in the store, where you will find a selection of the finest fashion, art and interior items, both for adults and children as well as a their own range of Bauwerk paint which is also used in the store itself. Expect: La petite V, DAY,Ruby Tuesday, Gray Label, Little Indians, Jetpaq, Topitm, Leoniek Bontje slow art, Printlove, Harvest and Company, UASHMAMA, Moments of light, Senfina Lighting,Happy Lights, IVY & LIV, Eva Schreuder, Marichelle, WRDS, Evert Groot stoffen, L’Apartment, Triple Pink by Stella Maye, Bottines, Pol’s Potten 

Brands UNXPCTD slow store
Gedempte Oude Gracht 144
2011 GX Haarlem
+31 (0)23 - 7370625
Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday 10AM-5PM

Website: Brands UNXPCTD
see on map: Gedempte oude gracht 

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Haarlem is only 15 minutes by train from Amsterdam >> Book your ticket at NS 

pictures @ Brands UNXPCTD