Antique mirrors by Anouk Beerents | Nine Streets area

Today a sneak peek in the world of Anouk Beerents, who is specialised in the import and export of antique, and authentic quality mirrors, the majority of which are of French and Italian origin with gilded gold or silver leaf. Anouk has an amazing studio downtown, a real hidden gem on Prinsengracht at the nine streets area

I looked very often through the huge industrial doors to drool over the 450 m2 refurbished factory where Anouk accommodates her collection of more than 300 mirrors from the 18th and 19th century. You can even park your car inside the studio when visiting, and how cute is the little black Fiat 500 parked behind the wood stove.

When working on my city guide APP I made a picture from the outside of her studio and decided to sent her an email asking her if I could come and visit her studio. Not much later she invited me over and sitting at the big table, surrounded by hundreds of mirrors, a red burning stove, a sleeping dog and the smell of coffee I felt in heaven for a short while.

Anouk gave me a little tour through her workspace and showed me where she, if necessary restores the mirrors in her own workshop, where all possible restoration is done according to the traditional techniques. If necessary, the mirrors will be gilded with gold leaf or silver leaf while always preserving the original antique mirror glass. If you ever decide of purchasing an authentic mirror for your home, you know where to find Anouk's studio... by appointment only.

Anouk Beerents
Prinsengracht 467
1016 HP Amsterdam
+31 20 6228598
by appointment only Area: Nine streets | 9 straatjes

pictures 1-3 © Anouk Beerents |  other pictures ©Amsterdam Next - Vosgesparis