AMS INSPRD | Souvenirs inspired by Amsterdam

When visiting a town for a short, or if you are lucky longer, citybreak, we all have our favourite stores where we just 'need' to shop before heading home. Whenever I am in Paris myself I never leave the city without visiting my Parisian favourite 'Merci'. I wrote endless blogs about the store on my other blog Vosgesparis, which you can read here

You and Amsterdam!
Leaving Paris, kinda feel nostalgic every time and sometimes I wish I could bring a bit of Paris with me. This made me think of you and Amsterdam and about bringing a real piece of Amsterdam with you! Which made me decide to select some really great souvenirs made by inhabitants of Amsterdam and inspired by the town we love. With this new feature AMS INSPRD I love to show you different and unexpected ways to take a piece of Amsterdam with you when travelling home.

Bring the scent of Amsterdam with you in a perfume, or cutting board made out trees that has been growing in our streets, and given us shadow for years... or get yourself a bike shipped home, rebuild from a recovered frame of one of the many bikes you see in Amsterdam! Enjoy our AMS INSPRD selection.