Delicious food shopping at Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk

Although I love to look at the new collections coming in almost daily at all the beautiful shop on Haarlemmerdijk and Haarlemmerstraat I love this area to shop on Saturday mornings in combination with a visit to the Noordermarkt or just for some groceries on a late Saturday afternoon. 

I always visit Marqt, I love almost everything at this organic supermarket and have this small list of things I always get there for dinner. And I also like their collection of small soda and lemonade bottles. Another favourite is Stach, a take away and mini supermarket with delicious
coffee to soup to dessert and everything in between. There is a tiny sitting area in the back to have a coffee or some food.

Of course there are plenty smaller regular food stores with great cheese or bread collections and deli's specialised in Spanish or Portugees products. Meeuwig &Zn. (Meeuwig and son) has a great collection of  Oils from all over Europe stored in the shop and ready for takeaway in glass bottles, there are also several vinegars Mustards and mayonnaise, dried herbs, canned fish, salt, etc. from all over the world. If you love good oil definitely worth a visit.

Meeuwig & Zn.
Haarlemmerstraat 70
1013 ET Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 6265286
Opening hours
Monday to Friday 10:30AM-6PM
Saturday 10AM-5:30PM

Website: Meeuwig & Zn.
Haarlemmerstraat 165
1013 EP Amsterdam
+31 (0)208208792
Opening hours
daily 8AM-10PM Website: Marqt

Haarlemmerstraat 150
+31 (0)20 737 2626
Opening hours
Monday to Saturday 8AM – 10PM
Sunday 9AM – 10PM Website
check back for more delicious food shopping soon!

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