Bilder and the Clercq | Recipes & ingredients for great diner inspirations

I love good food and the new food chains popping up around town. Especially if they have their own concept! Bilder & De Clercq was invented by Leopold and Rogier Diederik van Gelder. Every day they asked themselves the question, "What shall we eat tonight?" Finding the right ingredients around town was a struggle sometimes and they thought the large quantities you have to buy at the grocery store of which at the end of the week half disappears into the trash are a waste.

At the De Clercq straat / corner Bilderdijkstraat they opened a fresh looking store where they provide recipes and all the ingredients needed to prepare that one dish clearly presented with the average price per portion on a table in exactly the right quantities. There 14 different recipes, and 3 new ones every week. A small Coffee corner and a collection of the essential kitchen supplies

Bilder en de Clercq
De Clercqstraat 44
1052 NG Amsterdam
+31 20 760 7640

Monday to Friday 9:00 – 21:00
Saturday - Sunday 10:00 – 20:00

Bilder en de Clercq can also be found at Ceintuurbaan 334 at De Pijp area

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