Danish brandstore BOLIA | Utrechtsestraat area

With a grand opening and a 20% discount on everything! till december 27th, Bolia opened it's first store in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. You have to believe me if I say the team build up the store in only two weeks and the result is pretty amazing!

Two floors of affordable Scandinavian design and a brand that with their slogan 'Sea, smell, hear, touch & taste' has the mission to give you a new and inspirational experience.

In the store you can try out the furniture in different cozy settings, I especially loved the basement where a more darker atmosphere was created with soft velvet, dark walls and an industrial room divider. With the many styled corners this store offers everything to find some new inspiration for your interior and see a fresh and different Scandinavian we haven't seen in town before.

Utrechtsestraat 78-80
1017 VR Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 8086991
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 10AM - 8PM
Saturday - Sunday 11AM - 6PM

Website: Bolia
Area: Utrechtsestraat

Photography Beeldsteil - Bolia