The Garden Which is the Nearest to God | Taturo Atzu installation

The celebrated Japanese artist Taturo Atzu (formerly known as Tatzu Nishi) , whose work on this scale has never been shown before in the Netherlands is renowned for his spectacular and often alienating projects. After New York and Singapore, it's Amsterdam's turn this summer!

From 26 June to 6 September, commissioned by the Oude Kerk, the oldest building in Amsterdam! Accessible via a scaffolding construction outside of the church, Atzu will realise a sensational transformation by constructing a temporary platform on the roof of the Oude Kerk. He offers visitors a unique vista of the red light district while simultaneously giving access to an architectural domain normally hidden from public view.

For ten weeks 'The Garden Which is the Nearest to God' – a summery panorama terrace – transforms the roof of the Oude Kerk into an exhilarating attraction; its unorthodox function offering us new sights and insights.
The Garden Which is the Nearest to God
Oude Kerk Amsterdam
Oudekerksplein 23
1012 GX Amsterdam
website: Oude Kerk 
Running time: June 27 to September 6 2015
area: Dam area
pictures via Oude kerk | June 2015