From KNSM to NDSM | Passing the water to the other side of town

On Summer days, when temperatures get towards 30 degrees it can be pretty hot in Amsterdam... The nearest beach is about half an hour by train from Central Station but the beach in Zandvoort can be pretty packed on really warm days, and especially in weekends I try to avoid the beach.

Living in the Eastern Docklands I am surrounded by water already, but I love to make a short walk and take the free NDSM ferry behind Central Station towards Amsterdam Noord. NDSM Dock is one of those raw edges of town, the old shipyards are used for various activities from theater, festivals or flee markets to photo location and fashion shows.

There are workshops and companies located in the old buildings and refurbished buildings and there are some pretty impressive hotels located around the NDSM Plein. I made this little photo impression when walking to the ferry and crossing the water to the NDSM area from where I live this afternoon.

Find the new locations in this area in the today updated page about the NOORD| NDSM area that you can use when coming to town. Enjoy ! 

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