Vegan & Vegetarian takeaway | CLOSED

It is not that I have started to write about coffee and Vegetarian food & takeaway's suddenly. But I happen to love both and with opening a vegetarian butcher in my own neighborhood I thought I should check out the opening party of the Vegetarische slager The Vegetarian Butcher produces vegetarian meat from soybean and lupin that is sold world wide and can also be found in a number of supermarkets. 

With a glass of Vegan wine and a bottle of champagne for the first costumer (who bought some boxes of delicious 'bitterballen' which is a typical Dutch delicatessen). We were treated to a variety of delicious snacks to try out,
beautiful freshly pressed oil from 'OlieB' and Green shakes from Frecious.

The Vegetarian Butcher Definately a place to check out if you are looking for Vegetarian food. There will be a coffee corner in the shop soon, where you can drink a coffee and try out the delicious food. 

Vegetarische Slager can be found at Rozengracht 127 (Rozengracht area)  and on Baron G.A Tindalstraat 148 (eastern Docklands)  'Vegetarische Slager'

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