Elle Inside Design | Amsterdam 2013

Behind the starting point of Elle Inside Design at the lobster house I found these wonderful lamps of Alex de Witte aren't they amazing! Here are some more things that caught my eye on this Saturday.

Copper cupboard by Maurice Blok & Anke van Gestel of BLOK

Next stop was the home of Pepe Heykoop, I loved this place filled with his tables and stools made of recycled pieces of wood. I made lots of pictures here, as it is one of those places you normally don't come.

The Skin Collection is a reaction to the 25-30 percent waste produced by the furniture industry. The furniture is found on the street or secondhand and modified and then covered in pieces of leather leftovers.

 photography by Annemarie Bax

 Paper Vases

 Next off to the Oude Kerk in the Red Light district  

Loved the graduation work of Fee Kokke, fascinated by the Dutch having their curtains open a lot, she started to make pictures of these from the outside. After that she tried to find out more about the people living in these homes. It is an ode to people as they are all unique but also showing how people put their whole life online....

 Unknown as they seemed to be still building up... liked it though!

Mariska Meijers flagship store

Rubens collection by Frank Willems for Soon Salon