Eastern docklands

The Eastern Docklands, is the name of the former harbour area situated on the east side of town between Central Station, Piet Heinkade and Zeeburgerdijk. It’s a quick tram ride from Central Station, or a 20 minute walk along the quaysides of the former harbour behind the Passenger Terminal. Definitely an area worth checking out for its combination of renovated warehouses and modern architecture, that has a wonderful clear-your-head kind of waterside vibe.

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A complete list with my favourite locations in this area, more info and opening hours of the specific locations can be found in our Amsterdam city guide APP AMS NXT

Sissy boy - Sissy boy - Keet in huis - Keet in huis

Pol's Potten

If you do not fancy a walk from Central station, this area can also be reached from Leidseplein with tram number 10 or from central station with bus 48, they both stop right in front of the shops at KNSM laan! 

Absolutely unique and one of my favourites is Pols Potten.. and because I live in this area I often pop in. It is one of those shops that really inspire me. I absolutely love the building and there are so many beautiful things to see. This is the place where I can drool over Paola Navone couches and huge Ay Illuminate lamps. This old warehouse is a home to everything they love and where they're good at: porcelain and glass ware, furniture, lighting, accessories, tailor made kitchens, books and skin care products.

Make a walk in this area You are gonna love it.. There's people living on boats, children getting their first sailing classes and little terraces along the water and most of all lots of air and space after having spent some time in the city center. And if you fancy a dinner with a few over the water or a quick pizza sitting on the dock this is the place to go. 


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